Week in Review

This week we cover the big news from Capcom’s event, along with update news on established titles.

TOP STORY: Lost Planet 3 revealed

Capcom announced during its annual Captivate event that it was going back to E.D.N. once again, this time prior to the events of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. Lost Planet 3 will be a prequel to the series, taking place during the formative days of the colonization. The gameplay will focus on third-person shooting and first-person mech piloting as the other games did. And, as you would expect from it being a prequel, the environments will be strictly icy again, as E.D.N. was prior to the terraforming in Lost Planet 2. Taking the reins on this title will be Spark Unlimited, developers of Legendary and Turning Point.


This week, the RPG news kept rolling, from both East and West.

TOP STORY: Kingdom Hearts 3D dropping this summer

Square Enix is obviously in no hurry to start working on Kingdom Hearts 3, but for now fans of the series can look forward to playing the next intermediary title, Dream Drop Distance. Described as the opening of the final act in the current storyline, Kingdom Hearts 3D follows Sora and Riku as they attempt to become keyblade masters. Gamers will be able to get their hands on it on July 31.


This week, we buck the trend for fake news and greet you this April Fool’s Day with real JRPG news of all kinds.

TOP STORY: Class of Heroes 2 getting Kickstarted

In an event few people would have expected (though we did), MonkeyPaw Games has announced the first use of Kickstarter for a localization project. Their goal is to raise $500,000 to create a Limited Edition retail release of Class of Heroes 2. While the actual localization will happen regardless, it will only see a digital release without a successful funding. This will be pointed at as a test case for any future crowdsourcing for localization, so we’re hoping that there’s plenty of people interested in a Deluxe release of Class of Heroes 2. READ MORE

This week, we’ve got a new Epic Mickey game, a fantasy rhythm game and a little bit of Jake and Finn on the DS.

TOP STORY: Epic Mickey 2 arriving this fall

As was rumored earlier, Disney has decided to make a multiplatform sequel to Epic Mickey. This time, Mickey will be sharing the limelight with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in a drop-in, drop-out cooperative game. While Mickey will bring back his paintbrush, Oswald will be armed with a remote control that can manipulate electricity. It is expected to arrive this fall on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii. (A separate companion game is slated for 3DS.) READ MORE

This week, we have the dating of an evil Blizzard product, an HD remake of an evil rail-shooter and a morally-ambiguous sequel to a 24-year-old game.

TOP STORY: Diablo III dated, finally

Blizzard has given a firm release date for their much-anticipated action-RPG. Diablo will finally return to America on May 15, just in time to stave off the customary mid-year game drought. When it releases, it will be lacking its player-vs.-player arena, though that will be added later via a patch. Just as with other Blizzard games, Diablo III will be playable on Mac as well as PC. READ MORE