Week in Review: The BioShock wait’s almost Infinite

May 13, 2012

This week, BioShock Infinite moved to 2013, creating a hole in the fall schedule that other publishers are trying to fill. Above: Max Payne 3‘s releasing this week! Have a launch trailer.

TOP STORY: BioShock Infinite delayed

BioShock Infinite was expected to arrive in October this year, but this week, Take Two announced a delay until February 26, 2013. Specifics for the delay were not given, but Ken Levine, head of Irrational Games, said that it plans to use the time to make Infinite “even more extraordinary” than it would have been. It will also be absent from upcoming game conventions, so that time can be spent on development rather than preparing for public displays.

Lego Lord of the Rings revealed

It had long been hoped that eventually the Lego series of games would touch on the Lord of the Rings series, and signs are pointing to that day finally arriving. A new series of actual Lego characters from the Lord of the Rings has hit stores, packed with inserts that advertise an upcoming Lego Lord of the Rings game that will arrive in October of this year.

Dishonored arriving in October

While Bioshock Infinite was delayed from its slot in October, Dishonored has taken its place. Bethesda’s steampunk action game is set to arrive on October 9 for the 360, PS3, and PC. It is being developed by Arkane Studios, the developers behind Arx Fatalis and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic.

Hitman returns in November, gets preorder minigame

Adding to the parade of games arriving this fall, Square Enix announced that Hitman: Absolution will hit stores November 20. Additionally, gamers who preorder a copy of Absolution will be given access to a stand-alone downloadable minigame, Hitman: Sniper Challenge. Console gamers will be able to download it next Tuesday, while PC gamers will have to wait until August 1. In Sniper Challenge, players will be tasked with assassinating a weapons company executive and his guardians.