Weekend Cinema

After a couple of side entries in the series, Ubisoft has decided to end Ezio’s story and begin the next chapter of Desmond’s story. There have been many rumors about the location of the next game in the series, and recently it was revealed to be the American Revolution. From the looks of things, a number of core gameplay elements may be different than we remember.

To celebrate the release of Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii next week, we’re presenting you with this U.S. announcement trailer for it. Whether this only whets your appetite for this already celebrated RPG or is your first glimpse into some of the gameplay, anticipation is high for its April 6th release. (Oh, and check out our review on Monday.)

Announced at E3 last year, Heroes of Ruin is the new action RPG from Square Enix for the 3DS. Featuring unprecedented online connectivity for a Nintendo handheld, it will allow for drop-in/drop-out multiplayer and plenty of character customization. Check out this video to see just how much you can customize your heroes.

Paradox Interactive and Arrowhead Studios, the creators of Magicka, have unveiled their newest project: an arena battler called The Showdown Effect. We’d tell you that it plays similarly to Super Smash Bros. and focuses on customization of modes and parameters, but… at this point, you should know nothing we say is going to be as ludicrous as what Arrowhead puts in a trailer. Check it out.

This weekend, we’re giving you a look at the split-screen mode of upcoming downloadable team arena game Awesomenauts. The game, which we previewed last summer, supports three people playing together on one console as a team against another three-player team out in the aether. (It also supports full online play for those who want their screens, and couches, all to themselves.)

This year is turning out to be a much bigger year for the Wii than anyone would have expected, with Xenoblade Chronicles hitting the U.S. in April and the newly announced U.S. localization of The Last Story landing this summer from XSEED. To celebrate the reveal, check out this Nintendo of Europe trailer for the highly-anticipated title.

With the Vita’s official launch happening next week, we thought you may want to peruse trailers for the system’s (large) day-one lineup! Above is the flagship Uncharted: Golden Abyss, but looks at many other games are after the break for you to look at and make final purchase decisions! (And let’s be honest, if you picked up a First Edition Bundle, you were never on the fence about getting the system.) READ MORE

BioWare and EA were preparing for next month’s Mass Effect 3 release by releasing five separate trailers dealing with various aspects of the much-anticipated sequel to our 2010 Game of the Year. This one’s on interactive storytelling in the game. The rest,  including looks into the game’s A.I. and co-op functionality, are after the break. READ MORE

This week Sony released videos detailing a new way to play ball in MLB 12: The Show, both at the plate and in the field. Offering both a new way to play and the chance of more realistic games and results, Sony is hoping that these new modes will attract new players to the game. And for those who hate change, don’t worry. The trailers show that all the old methods of playing are still intact, just one menu option away. Check out both trailers, the pitching trailer is above and the batting trailer is after the break.

This week, we’re sharing this clip of a few of Rhythm Heaven Fever‘s challenges, from protecting Edo from beasts of the shadow realm to making sure your girl doesn’t get hit by that soccer ball. If the final game (out February 13) is like what we played last summer, we’ll probably just shut our eyes and enjoy the beat.