Xbox Live Vision camera review

August 22, 2006

Yes, for those of you who didn’t know, the Xbox Live Vision package has had it’s street date broken at a few places. [url=]Someone at Cheapass Gamer has a nice review of the package for us.[/url] Unfortunately, Totemball is not a pack-in. Even worse, the pack-in is Uno, which most people already have.

Apparently it’s a pretty good camera. I’ve recently considered picking up a cheap EyeToy and some games, so that has me a little curious. Don’t know if I’m so interested in Video chat or picture attachments to my messages, though.

There’s also some info on some upcoming games for Xbox Live with camera support. They seem to be updates or ports of the games in [url=]Big Bang Board Games[/url] by Freeverse that have been given added camera support.

[url=]The 360 Live Vision Camera reviewed[/url] (Arstechnica)