Preview: Ace Combat heads toward the Assault Horizon

July 9, 2011

Looking to get your dogfighting fix this year? You might want to check out a little title called Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. It will be a game full of action, excitement and dramatic camera angles, not to mention some pretty nice aerial combat.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is a different kind of Ace Combat game. Rather than take place in an alternate reality, it will be set in the real world. (We saw this in last year’s Joint Assault on PSP, but this is the first appearance in a console title.) Additionally, it has more of a dramatic and cinematic feel to it, as it took a page out of Modern Warfare‘s book and is adding scripted sequences to the missions.

As for the actual gameplay, it feels just as fun and enjoyable as any fan of flight combat games would expect. All the controls are very sensitive and accurate, and movement of your fighter jet is very fluid, just like you would expect from an Ace Combat game. In the mission we got to play, you were faced with preventing a terrorist from deploying a superweapon against Miami. We could alternate between normal mode or ‘dogfighting mode’ in which the game takes over autopilot for you, and you’re only task is to shoot down your opponent. This mode was filled with those aforementioned dramatic camera angles and cinematics, which I felt added a nice touch to the mission, though it definitely won’t be for everybody.

The makings of an enjoyable, though different, flight game seem to be present in this title, so look forward to its arrival on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 11.