Recent titles in the Sonic the Hedgehog series have had varying levels of success, appealing to a certain crowds but never truly pleasing anyone. It’s almost natural that many would feel scared about the changes brought forth in Sonic Boom. The characters all have a distinctly different look than we remember, but maybe that’s a good thing. They’ve all followed such a distinct formula for so long that maybe some change is needed. It’s something to refresh the series, and prove to fans and naysayers alike that this might be the Sonic game we’ve all been looking for since he made the 3D jump. READ MORE


After months of brief gameplay teasers at previous press events, Nintendo finally allowed fans and media a shot at playing Super Smash Bros. for Wii U for themselves. We tested out the new title to see how it compares to the previous games, check out the new fighters and analyze how it will play in the competitive Smash scene. READ MORE


Nintendo has released a slew of new Legend of Zelda in the last 22 years, each with their own individual charm, but none of the games have returned to the world of A Link to the Past. Revisiting this era is a pleasant surprise, since it brings back all the familiar mechanics we grew to love, but gives Link a new ability to change how we perceive the typical dungeon puzzle. READ MORE


Shovel Knight has managed to gain a lot of traction since its Kickstarter debut, showing off at big name conventions and nearing a release on Steam and both of Nintendo’s eShops. Its aesthetic and mechanics take us back to a time when platformers were insanely challenging, and killing an enemy required pixel perfect precision. READ MORE


Blackguards, a turn-based RPG based on the Dark Eye role-playing license, is set in a suitably unsavory world. We got to check out the game with executive producer Kai Fiebig, and learn more about what makes it different from others in the genre. READ MORE


First announced in 2009, Thief all but disappeared for a few years, leading many to think it had been quietly canceled. Now, moved to a new generation of consoles, Thief proves itself to be in good hands. READ MORE


Microsoft’s Project Spark has its roots in an oft-forgotten initiative on Xbox 360: Kodu Game Lab. Like Kodu, Project Spark is a simplified, console-based programming tool, and the two share many basic tenets. Spark, though, is a much more fully-formed and robust package, allowing for both intricate, professional-feeling games and easily-created amateur sandbox environments. READ MORE


Ys: Memories of Celceta is actually the third game to be called Ys IV, though it is the first to be developed by developer Nihon Falcom itself. Previously, Falcom licensed out development of Ys IV to Hudson Soft and Tonkin House, though neither game made it to the West. Now, 20 years later, Falcom is revisiting Celceta with a complete reworking for the PlayStation Vita. READ MORE


With The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav, Daedalic took on a darker bent with its point-and-click adventure game style. In Memoria, Daedalic returns to the land of Adventuria, with a sequel that will feature two protagonists separated by 500 years. READ MORE


The Final Fantasy XIII saga is the first true trilogy for the series, and Lightning Returns brings back the titular character for the finale of the story. It is also the first entry in the Final Fantasy franchise to feature a single character rather than a party during combat. We got our hands on it recently to check out how it measures up to the rest of the trilogy. READ MORE