Preview: Final Fantasy X/X-2 getting the HD treatment

June 13, 2013


Final Fantasy X introduced legions of RPG fans to an exciting new generation of consoles, wowing them with its vibrant graphics and, for the first time, voiced characters. It was so successful and beloved by fans that it became the first game in the Final Fantasy series to receive a direct sequel, Final Fantasy X-2. Now these two games have become the first 3D Final Fantasy titles to get an updated re-release, with upgraded visuals for today’s systems.

What it is: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD is an enhanced HD port of the original PS2 titles. Both games will be released as a single title for the PlayStation 3, though they will be sold separately on the PlayStation Vita.

Why we’re excited: After getting some hands-on time, I can safely say the vibrant art design of the original is fully embraced and greatly improved in this release. Unfortunately, some questions regarding what enhanced means are still present.

What we’re wondering: We’ve been told this release is based on the International Edition of Final Fantasy X and X-2, but whether it contains the entirety of that version’s content is yet to be seen. Additionally, what enhancements have been made, aside from visual fidelity? Will we get some kind of connected, multiplayer Blitzball or other minigame?


We should find all of this out soon, as Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD is scheduled to release later this year.