Preview: Primordia shows us a narrative power

November 6, 2012

The folks over at Wadjet Eye Games let us check out their upcoming adventure game, Primordia. You should remember them from titles like The Blackwell Legacy, Gemini Rue and, most recently, the excellent point-and-click Resonance. They know adventure games, and it looks like Primordia is shaping up to be another strong title in their adventure game catalog.

What it is: Primordia is the story of Horatio Nullbuilt and his sidekick Crispin Horatiobuilt. Horatio and Crispin, like everybody else in Primordia, are robots, so when an unwelcome guest comes by and steals Horatio’s power source, the adventure kicks off in earnest. Robots need power to live, and that core was Horatio’s only source, and now he needs to get it back. It’s a simple premise that leads to a much larger story, and even though they were present in the preview build I won’t spoil the story here: it’s too good not to experience for yourself when the final game is released.

Why we’re excited: Like Resonance, the graphics are beautiful and full of expertly-crafted sprite work. The story is gripping straight from the beginning, and every character feels natural and fleshed out. Horatio is ever-professional, Crispin is funny without giving in to the sidekick trope of making you want to poke his eyes out and Ever-Faithful lives up to his name and is a very interesting study in artificial intelligence and religion. The voice work is outstanding.

What we’re wondering: A good adventure game relies on nothing more than its writing and puzzle design. In what I’ve played, both are spectacular, but I have to wonder if the quality level is maintained throughout. It could be very easy for Crispin to become annoying in the late game or for the puzzles to suddenly feel less organic. I’ve had enough fun so far to ensure that I give the final product a spin, and it looks to be an adventure full of thought-provoking situations and well-written and well-voiced characters.


We’ll find out more when Primordia releases on December 5.