Preview: Puzzle Agent’s next mission

June 14, 2011

Puzzle Agent 2 is exactly what you might think it is from the title. A game with puzzles, perhaps a federal agent, and possibly even the second in a series. All of this is true, as Nelson Tethers is an FBI agent assigned to the Puzzle Research Division and this is his second adventure. What you may not realize is that this game deals with such dark and dreary things as kidnappings, creepy-looking gnomes, and Minnesota.

Editor’s note: these impressions contain spoilers of the first game’s story. If you’re worried, go play the original before continuing.

As stated, Puzzle Agent 2 is the sequel to Puzzle Agent, and it follows the same story arc. Puzzle Agent ended on somewhat of a cliffhanger, as Nelson Tethers solved the mystery of the eraser factory shutdown, but was unable to save Isaac Davner. So in Puzzle Agent 2, good FBI agent that he is, Nelson Tethers has gone back to Minnesota to try to get to the bottom of the of kidnapping of Isaac Davner by the Hidden People in Scoggins.

Puzzle Agent 2 is essentially a second ‘episode’ if you will, of Puzzle Agent, with the same art style, same voice acting, and same humor as the first game. It will continue the story as Agent Tethers solves puzzle after puzzle trying to get to the bottom of a series of disappearances in Scoggins, Minnesota. There will be more puzzle variety than in the first game, so if that was all that you didn’t like, you’ll be plenty happy with Puzzle Agent 2. And, of course, if you enjoyed Puzzle Agent fully, it seems like you’ll definitely enjoy this one.

Puzzle Agent 2 will be coming to a PC, Mac, iPad, or iPhone near you on June 30, so be sure to check it out if you enjoy Layton-like games or any of Telltale’s other games.