Preview: Silent Hill: Downpour erodes hill, ends silence

August 20, 2011

Silent Hill is a series that has been down as of late, though Konami continues to try to rejuvenate the series with new takes on the classic formula. This time, they’ve tried to do so with a throwback to the early titles in atmosphere and characters, and we have to say that it certainly pays off in a twisted way.

During our time with Silent Hill: Downpour, the story itself was secondary to experiencing the gameplay itself, which is somewhat different than in past Silent Hill games. To start with, the world will be much more wide open and exploration will be an important aspect. The dark secrets and side quests of the town will be open to you in almost any order you choose. Be wary when exploring though, as death is only a single misstep away at all times. Water will play an important role in the game, as things will get more dangerous and demented as more water is added to a situation, though just how big a role it will play in the story is unknown.

Reality often gets warped, your surroundings will change, and hellish looking and sounding vortexes will chase you through corridors and rooms. The atmosphere is fitting for a Silent Hill game, and the graphics, even at this early stage, look to be the best the series has offered thus far. At least they do on a normal TV. When playing the game in 3D, everything looks muddy, jaggy, and ugly. We’re sure they’ll continue working on the graphics more before release, but at this point, we can only recommend playing in 2D.

This entry in the Silent Hill series definitely feels like a return to form. Look for it on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on October 25.