Super Mario Bros 3: Super Mario Advance 4

February 5, 2006

[i]Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3[/i] on the GBA is the way the game was meant to be played. This game is perfect for a handheld, and with the new ability to save the game as you play, it’s quite a good find. Unfortunately, since this is a review of a remake of an old game, it may be short, but I hope there’s at least enough to interest you guys.

Naturally, this game is graphically superior to the original [i]Super Mario Bros. 3[/i], and very well it should be. The sound though is probably about the same unless you are using headphones(since GBA sound is better with headphones). Still, this game doesn’t sell on graphics and sound. This game sells because of how fun it is the play.

This game is good with the fact that after you beat it, you can go back to any world of your choice and finish the levels you missed before, or simply tackle to world again for the fun of it. This is great for those people who love the game, but play on the go. Once you beat it you can simply hop to whichever world you like, and there you are, having fun at the bus stop or what have you.

The problem with [i]SMA4:SMB3[/i] is quite simply that they changed too much in the game in my view. While I didn’t mind them changing what the kings got transformed into, or even making minor alterations to the Spade squares on the game board(they turn to heart squares occasionally which gives you the chance for more lives), I did find that some things got changed that shouldn’t. Most of the changes however the casual [i]SMB3[/i] player will not notice. Only people like myself who have been playing the game regularly since it was released oh so long ago will notice most of these changes. Occasionally extra blocks are added to some platforms to make it easier to land. In other areas, blocks are taken out. Where I was most disappointed with the removal of minor things was in World 8. In the first ship level you practically have to run a gauntlet backwards to get a power up, which you will more than likely use upon trying to exit this gauntlet. I always loved the challenge behind that power up, but it seems they shortened the gauntlet. For a seasoned player like myself, this is somewhat of a disappointment.

Other things they changed are what people say. Specifically the kings when they thank you or Peach when you get her letters. In the letter that normally refers to Kuribu’s shoe, she calls it Goomba’s shoe. What’s wrong with Kuribu??? Also, she blatantly tells you in one of her letters about the whistle at the end of level 1-3. Like anyone needs to be blatantly told that. If they can’t figure it out, there’s always the internet.

Quite simply, this game is really what [i]SMB3[/i] was meant to be in the first place. It’s one of the greatest platformers of all time, and having an updated remake of it on the GBA is more that awesome.

Score: 5/5

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