Harry Potter: The Chamber of Secrets

December 3, 2002

In case you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years you know who Harry Potter is. Yes that crazy little “limey” is at it again. While I will admit that I never saw myself becoming a fan, I was immediately drawn into the craze after watching the first movie. While I knew it might be entertaining I had no idea that it would be a great movie through and through. Anyways, this isn’t a movie review today; it’s about the game Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for the Cube.

If you have seen the movie you will notice similarities right off the bat. I will however warn you right away don’t go into the game expecting an exact translation from the movie. The game obviously has to add a bit more things to do, so you could…I don’t know actually play it. The overall story line is in tact but you will be stuck doing things not shown in the movie, so chill.

Gameplay is great, although like all 3d games the “camera demon” shows up and sometimes screws you over when something is attacking you. Also you must have patience, and patience like a mad man. Like most games of this genre you will have to run…everywhere! I guess British folk are fit ’cause this kid sprints like Michael Johnson. Now if they would only brush their teeth…blimey! While at Hogwart’s you will be asked to find the necessary tools or items for some cool new spells, so be prepared to die a lot; ’cause Hogwarts is like a friggin death trap, I mean is this a school or what? Some of the stuff you will run into is just ridiculous so don’t wander off where you are not supposed to because that’s how kids die…trust me.

Presentation of the game is where it’s at. The characters are all voiced, so if you’re like Soda and can’t read, you’re still game. The graphics are sweet too; there are lighting effects all over the place. So if you are into this kind of technical stuff, you will get your jollies off.

This game is fresh as it stands even without the Potter license; you should have a great time playing it. Again, only the adventure “Zelda” type gamers will enjoy the game. So don’t waste your time if you have no patience or don’t like Harry Potter, or British accents. I recommend picking this bad boy up. I’d say it’s a buy, but if you’re into rentals then check it before trading shit in.

Holler back tell me what you think. Lord of the Rings comes out in two weeks!