Logitech Cordless Precision Controller

March 5, 2006

I recently jumped onto the wireless bandwagon. I’ve started getting everything, from wireless keyboards and mice to the famed Nintendo Wavebird. So I figured why not bring my Xbox into the group, and began searching for a worthy wireless controller. Since I was so pleased with Logitech’s Cordless Action Controller for the PS2, it seemed only natural that Logitech’s Cordless Precision Controller for the Xbox would be the best choice, and while it has some design flaws, it is probably one of the best, if not the best cordless controller for the Xbox. The Precision Controller shares most of the qualities put into Logitech’s Playstation 2 controller. It has a 2.4 GHz frequency, which holds up flawlessly up to 30 feet, and only requires two batteries (which are included). Also like the Action Controller, the Precision controller is Logitech’s second-generation wireless Xbox controller, which is also much smaller and comfortable than the previous model. One thing the Precision Controller doesn’t share with the PS2 Action Controller is the receiver, which we’ll cover in a bit, but before that we’ll look at the structure of the controller.

The Precision Controller recreates the feel of the Xbox’s own Controller S, although some things are noticeably different. For starters, it looks slightly thinner than the Controller S in the mid-section, and the most notable change is that the memory card and Xbox Live ports are missing from the top of the controller (we’ll find those in a bit though, don’t worry). Other than that, it is just about the same size as the Controller S and has all the buttons placed correctly. The back of the controller is molded to fit the human hand, so it’s fairly comfortable to use. One thing I really like about the controller’s looks is the clear green analog bases and the green ring around the Logitech symbol, they really make the controller stand out from just another all-out black controller.

Like mentioned earlier, button placement is dead-on with the original Controller S. There is a new button near the left-most analog stick that turns the vibration function on and off, and the trigger buttons have a slightly different feel to them, although they pose no problem. Other than that, there isn’t really any change to the original structure layout of the Controller S. You might remember me commenting on how the D-pad felt a little cheap in the Action Controller review, and sadly, this is a quality the Precision Controller shares with the PS2 Action Controller. Actually, if anything, the D-pad on the Precision controller feels even cheaper, and almost feels like it would be fairly easy to pull out from the base, although it has yet to happen.

Now onto the memory card/Xbox Live port absence from the controller. Now, they have them included in with the controller, however, they are located on the receiver, which is roughly ten times bigger than the Action Controller’s receiver. The receiver plugs into the console through a very short cord, and resembles one of those real old receivers you would find in with say, the old SNES Super Scope, although the design is sleeker. This is understandable of course, seeing as how they have to put the ports somewhere, but them being on the receiver actually defeats the purpose of having a wireless controller if you are using your Xbox Live headset, since you will have to sit right next to the console to use the headset.

The Cordless Precision Controller is probably the best you will find on the Xbox. While the clunky feeling D-pad can be annoying, it is easily overlooked, especially since most games use the analog sticks (even if you happen to be playing say, a 2-D fighter, the D-pad still works fine). If you are using the controller for everyday gaming, then you can’t do much better, but with the Xbox Live port being next to the console, you might want to break out that corded Controller S, lest you enjoy sitting right next to the television screen with a wireless controller. As a wireless controller though, the Precision Controller is a great piece of hardware.

Score: 5/5

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