Hector: Beyond Reasonable Doom: To what end?

October 15, 2011

Having enjoyed the first two installments of Badge of Carnage, it isn’t surprising that we like the final episode as well. Beyond Reasonable Doom is, expectedly, a lot like the others. Hector is still trying to save the town of Clapper’s Wreake, and aside from puzzle-solving, the big star here is the raunchy humor. It’s great to see a series come along that invokes feelings more reminiscent of Leisure Suit Larry than Space Quest.

Beyond Reasonable Doom picks up right where Senseless Acts of Justice leaves off. You’ll spend your time combining items, solving puzzles, and putting yourself into Hector’s perverted mindset to advance the story and watch just how things play out.

Where Telltale has improved Beyond Reasonable Doom from its predecessors is in puzzle design. The previous two entries were funny, but the puzzles were often obtuse. All three Hector episodes have featured a hint system (something that every adventure game should have, by the way), but you’ll find that you need it considerably less in Beyond Reasonable Doom than you did in We Negotiate with Terrorists or Senseless Acts of Justice. Solutions, once you worm your way into Hector’s mind, are logical and make sense within the confines of Clapper’s Wreake.

It’s also nice to see a game launch with a planned arc and stick to it. Hector was planned from the start as a three-episode series, and the story wraps up nicely by the end of Beyond Reasonable Doom. Hector remains endearing throughout not only Beyond Reasonable Doom but the entire series, and Hector’s third installment is a satisfying conclusion to a fun departure from the clean-cut adventure game norm.

Pros: Better puzzle design, consistently funny
Cons: You still need to like the humor

Score: 5/5

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