Hungry Giraffe: Have a long neck, eat some stuff

March 18, 2012

Occasionally, I see a game and I wonder why it even exists in the first place. Very rarely do I ever get to play the game in question. One of those games would be Hungry Giraffe. While it’s not a terrible game by any stretch, it’s definitely quirky.

This hungry giraffe extends his neck, high above the trees to eat various foot items in the sky, ranging from an array of fruit and fast food items to help propel you upward. On your way up, you’ll run into other various items that will either help you or hinder your progress.

Included are a tube of paint which makes the giraffe puke out a rainbow of colors on the screen to blind you for a short amount of time, a spicy pepper that automatically accelerates you up upon eating it, a hard hat that shoots you upward at your own discretion by hitting the X button and weights that cut your distance in half when you eat food items. One of the trippier items would be the pill that reverses your controls, as well as making the screen a little disco party. It’s distracting, but only lasts for a short time.

Progress through each stage is simple: fly upward to a certain distance and you immediately transition into the next stage. There are ten stages, so to dart from Stage 1 to 10 will take a decent amount of effort to do so. As an added bonus, various awards could be unlocked for doing certain tasks during gameplay.

The gameplay itself is straightforward enough for anyone to pick up. While it might not seem like a whole lot on the surface, it’s oddly addictive and you’ll find yourself hoping that eating that next piece of fruit or fast food will bounce you high enough to keep going.

Pros: Easy to pick up, charming
Cons: A bit short and simple

Score: 3/5

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