I Roll Twenties: The Ultimate Avatar Tuner

June 26, 2007

The Avatar, of Origin’s Ultima fame, has been through quite a bit over the years – that much is undeniable. He went to Britannia umpteen times as well as Sosaria and the islands of Fe, Fi, Fo, and Fum before Britannia even rose from the murky ocean depths, each time solving countless social, political, religious, and racial issues. He went also to Mars, to a prehistoric Earth, to the famed, multi-tiered dungeon known as the Stygian Abyss, and even to a labyrinth of fragmented, fractured worlds in a desolate, paranoid version of Britannia. The Avatar even tussled with the Guardian on Pagan, a planet not many from either Earth or Britannia could ever claim to see.

In fact, Ultima is unique in that it is a very long-running role-playing game series in which the main protagonist, the same one throughout the series, evolved very little in comparison to the world he often found himself in. Though he did technically evolve from one trilogy to the next – in fact, he did not acquire the A