I Roll Twenties: What Would Tidus Do?

January 15, 2007

On today’s edition of I Roll Twenties, we have decided to propose a little alternate history and imagine the life and times of a popular Japanese RPG protagonist in an American RPG setting. For instance, what if the infamous vault dweller of popular ARPG Fallout were really Tidus of Final Fantasy X fame? What if Tidus’ Zanarkand never actually existed, and instead, this spiky haired hero had woken up in Vault 13, ready to take on the world to save his fellow vault dwellers from dehydration. The first problem Tidus would encounter is attire. Though his exploits on Spira garnered him a lot of crazy looks from the local populace, in Fallout, his fellow vault dwellers would undoubtedly frown on Tidus’ choice of loud, almost absurd clothing. While citizens of neither Spira nor post-apocalyptic Los Angeles seem to change their outfits from day to day, the standard vault dweller costume – a head-to-toe blue jumpsuit – would certainly have set Tidus apart from the crowd. How did he obtain this clothing, anyhow? Perhaps Tidus moonlit as a seamstress within the vault, but it seemed that everyone from the Overseer on down wore nothing but those same blue overalls. Similarly, Tidus’ hairstyle, a semi-spiky A