Acclaim Interview

March 3, 2006

For anyone who had been following the gaming industry for any length of time, the downfall and eventual demise of Acclaim was not much of a surprise. The company that brought us such memorable gaming experiences as Burnout, Turok, and Extreme G had begun down a slippery slope of forgettable, and oftentimes downright poor releases long before their experiment with topless biking. Of course, people look back on the low point as being 2002’s Z-Axis-developed BMXXX, but their path to self-destruction was not paved with just one game, and their eventual absence was met with sighs of relief from many, while several companies with whom Acclaim had been working with for future releases were left holding the proverbial bag.

But that, as they say, is water under the bridge. In December 2005, former Activision front man Howard Marks made a play for the now-defunct company, and purchased the name A