Dungeon Lords Interview

February 2, 2005

There are certain people within the industry who define its shape and direction with each and every breath. Some of these names you know by heart, so much so that the whisper of said name conjures up images and the aroma of nostalgia from experiences long past. Some names, however, you may not know. These are the industry veterans who are every bit as important to the video game industry, yet have managed to keep on the periphery of the limelight. One such individual is D.W. Bradley, a game designer who has been making RPGs for over 20 years, including 3 games in the legendary Wizardry series. He is the lead writer/designer/programmer/visionary on Dungeon Lords, and that’s why his name is on the box. We recently had a chance to speak with Mr. Bradley and the team at Heuristic Park regarding this upcoming Action RPG for the PC.

First off, Thank you for taking the time to speak with us regarding Dungeon Lords. I’m curious as to what kinds of demographics are you going for? On the Dungeon Lords site you say you’re aiming for A