Mage Knight: Apocalypse Interview

August 10, 2006

PC gamers are certainly not at a loss of point and click action RPGs. From the early days of Diablo, to later releases such as Balder’s Gate and even the recently released Dungeon Siege II: Broken World, it seems as if these games are slowly overtaking first-person shooters as PC enthusiasts’ token gaming genre. Not to say that these games are not a good time, but nine times out of ten these are released as mere reskinned and rehashed experiences, re-boxed, shrink wrapped, and sold under a new name to an unwitting public.

Few are the point and click action RPGs for the PC that actually attempt to try something different, and fewer still are those that succeed. That is why when Namco Bandai first announced the development of Mage Knight: Apocalypse, an upcoming PC action RPG based on the popular collectible miniature game from WizKids Games, we gave the title a sideways, questionable glance. Licensed properties have never been known as a wellspring for gaming innovation. However, when the game was unveiled at E3 2005, it actually looked solid, but since that time little news has been released regarding the game or its development.

To that end, we tracked down Dave Georgeson, one of the game’s senior producers who, along with fellow senior producer Chris Wren, has worked on the creative vision and production of Mage Knight: Apocalypse.

Hi Dave. I wanted to ask, before coming on board with Mage Knight, what other titles had you worked on? And how has working on this project differed from your previous work?

Most of my previous titles are FPS squad action games like Tribes 2, PlanetSide and a few others. I got my feet wet in the industry a loooong time ago doing design work on the original AD&D A