Attack on Pearl Harbor

September 18, 2007

In a world of realistic PC flight sims, Attack on Pearl Harbor is definitely a stand out title. It’s not necessarily better than a more punishing and realistic dogfight experience, but it certainly is different. If you’re a casual flier, want to blow up ships, and wouldn’t mind winning World War II single-handedly then Attack on Pearl Harbor is just the game for you. If you genuinely care what the gauges read and what all those little switches in the cockpit do then you’ll need to look elsewhere because Attack on Pearl Harbor is aimed at a more casual audience.

There’s a story to be told, but unless you were sleeping through high school history class when the Pacific theater portion of WWII was covered you know the gist of it. Of note, however, is the manner in which the story is presented. Colorful comic book panels serve as bookends for each mission. They introduce your pilot, explain the mission, and and they’re a refreshing take on the same old A

Score: 3/5

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