Plants vs. Zombies (Vita): Is it the best version yet?

March 3, 2012

Plants vs. Zombies has been released on pretty much every gaming system around, so chances are if you’re interested in it, you’ve already bought it in the past. It should be noted, though, that this is possibly the best version released to date.As you’d probably expect from what used to be basically a Flash game, there’s not really any story here. You’ve got a lawn, and zombies are trying to cross it to invade your house. Your only defense is your collection of plants. You’ll place the various types of plants on your lawn using the touch screen, and it works very well. The size of the screen ensures that you’ll place each plant exactly where you want it to be, an issue that I had on the iOS version.

Beating each level requires strategy, as the various types of zombies have different weaknesses that you can take advantage of using specific plants. For instance, the pole-vaulting zombies are fast, so use a frozen peashooter can slow it down. There’s also the screen-door zombie, which you’ll need to use a spore shooter to hurt. Since you can only take a certain number of plant types into each level, you’ll need to pay attention to what zombies will appear each time, or you could find yourself at the mercy of the invasion.

The Vita’s screen resolution and sharpness really brings out the color and makes this port the best looking one yet. But there’s really nothing new here except for trophies.

If you’ve already enjoyed this classic, then there’s really no reason to purchase it again, especially since it is the most expensive version. However, if you’ve missed out on it this long, it’s the definitive edition, for now, and is worth checking out.

Pros: Touch controls are the best way to play this title, great tower defense game, looks great on the Vita
Cons: More expensive than any other version, nothing new added to the port

Score: 3/5

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