Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

August 21, 2006

[i]Liberty City Stories[/i] is the fourth [i]Grand Theft Auto[/i] game on the PlayStation 2, and the first port of an original PSP game (strange, it usually happens vice versa), which we have already [url=]reviewed[/url]. I won’t go into the story, because that has been covered in the PSP games’ review.

So what has changed during the port? Well, I’m afraid nothing really, which is a real shame. The controls have been adjusted to the two analog sticks of the PS2, but that’s about it.

The sound remains the same. The music and radio stations aren’t the best, but the funny dialogs and great voice acting certainly make up for it.

Graphics look the same on the PS2 port, as in the PSP version. While on the PSP it was/is jaw-dropping, these kind of graphics in 2006 (even on the PS2’s hardware), are pretty lame. I wished that at Rockstar they would have beefed up the graphics, even if just a little bit.

There are also no added features (not like there aren’t plenty). You still can’t swim, fly helicopters, and all the things that didn’t make it in the PSP version, which is also a shame. I think I am not the only one that would have paid full price for a game that has a bunch of added features that were in San Andreas (weapons, side missions, and features), new radio stations and decent graphics.

But don’t be sad; [i]Liberty City Stories[/i] is still a fun game. Since it was designed for the PSP, the missions are quite short, but there are plenty. The game could take you dozens of hours to beat, if you play all the side missions.

Even though the game is budget priced, I recommend renting it. With the lack of added features, the fact remains that it is “just a port” and that it is not too long compared to other GTA games… it simply can’t justify a purchase for me.

Score: 2/5

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