Auditorium HD

December 5, 2010

Most puzzle games gravitate toward solving a specific situation with a pre-determined solution. Enter Auditorium, a musical experience where every puzzle has no definite answer. With the PC version being a smashing success, developer Cipher Prime has created a high-definition version for the PlayStation Network, Auditorium HD, with a completely new tracklist and 3D support.

The premise is simple enough: direct particles of light towards empty color-coded containers using the tools given to you, which can range from simple direction-changing devices to more complex tools like reflectors, barriers and accelerators.  However, there is usually a specific stage gimmick blocking you from simply pointing the particles of light to the containers. You must use the tools given in a specific stage to go around the obstacles or use them to your advantage, which is where the devious side of Auditorium comes into play. 

Each segment of the tracklist eases you into its particular gimmick with some easy puzzles before cranking up the difficulty. It’s possible to have the answer staring at you one second, and then have a single tweak with your tools messing it up entirely. There is no one way to solve a puzzle, so while one person may discover one solution, it’s possible for someone else to also solve it by using the tools in completely different locations. It’s an excellent mind-tease which tests your ability to adapt to new situations.

Visually, the game is impressive. The game shines in full HD and is an immersive 3D experience to those with the equipment, but even in standard definition, the combinations of colors and effects are a sight to behold. Orchestrated tracks slowly start playing as you fill in the colored containers, getting louder and more intense as you fill more of them. It’s almost a shame that a soundtrack for the game isn’t readily available, as the music is that good.

If you’re looking for an excellent musical puzzle experience on the PlayStation Network, you can’t go wrong with Auditorium HD. It’s a stunning visual and musical experience that you really shouldn’t pass up.

Score: 4/5

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