Nyko Charge Base 2

April 30, 2008

Rechargeable batteries for wireless game controllers are a god send. In some cases, 3rd party companies have stepped in to provide awesome solutions for gamers looking to streamline the recharging process. Nyko is one such company and they have a whole host of power solutions available for each of the consoles.

Nyko’s initial recharging station for the PS3 came in the form of the Charge Base PS3. It supported 4 simultaneous charge slots utilizing the SIXAXIS’ mini-usb port for connectivity. With the announcement of the Dual Shock 3’s imminent release, Nyko has released a revised version of the charging station that is compatible with the Dual Shock 3, this time named the Charge Base 2. This revised version of the initial product has cut the number of charging slots down to 2 and utilizes a special connector for charging connectivity. These charge adapters feature a mini-usb on one side and a few contact spots on the other. This change in design allows the controllers to lightly sit on the Charge Base as opposed to being firmly stuck to the Charge Base.

The Charge Base 2 features a pair of bright lights to indicate when a controller is charging or when it has reached a full charge.

I personally like the Charge Base 2 and have no issue with recommending it to friends and family, but the $30 price tag that the Charge Base 2 carries may be a deterrent for many gamers despite the added convenience. This is compounded by the fact that the only thing necessary for charging a PS3 controller is a $1 mini-usb cable that plugs in directly to one of the available USB ports on your PS3. The value that this device presents will vary widely due to that fact.

The Charge Base 2 differs from some of its other offerings since the PS3 natively supports a rechargeable controller. The device merely serves as a more convenient way to charge the devices. That said, the device’s construction is of a very high quality and the move to the USB charge adapters are evidence that Nyko is committed to improving their products.

Score: 5/5

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