Spider-Man 3

June 27, 2007

As multi-platform games go, Spider-Man 3 does a lot of things right, but just doesn’t completely feel comfortable on the PS3 with its sub-par graphics and weighty fighting. It helps that this version of the game was designed for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, rather than being built with the earlier generation’s hardware in mind, but the game still feels hamstrung by having to play to the strengths of two current generation consoles rather than simply embracing the strengths of one over the other. But as mass marketing dictates, Activation has to take a popular movie and make it as viable on all systems as possible; I’m just surprised they didn’t release an Atari Jaguar version as well.

Hey, it could have sold a couple of units.

By now, it’s almost rote to milk every market possible by mimicking blockbuster movie plotlines while actually just trying to sell an action/adventure game. Fortunately for this game, it isn’t based on Shrek the 3rd; instead, it’s based on a mature and action-packed thrill-ride which features a talented cast of actors who blessedly perform vocal duties in the game. Nothing beats Bruce Campbell as my humble narrator, navigating me through tutorials and giving hilarious color commentary to my less-than-perfect gameplay with pearls of wisdom like, A

Score: 3/5

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