Final Fantasy II

July 20, 2007

It is hard not to judge Final Fantasy II without comparing it to its predecessor, especially considering that the last time this game graced this shore was in a combined FFI/FFII PlayStation release. While the two share a plethora of similarities, their differences are what truly define them and help us understand the arc that Square Enix took to create a memorable gaming franchise.

The story starts with an invasion, as a hostile power occupies your town and destroys everything in its path. You and your friends make a desperate escape to the surrounding woods to avoid detection, but just when you think you are safe you become hopelessly overwhelmed and left for dead. Upon waking up in a rebel camp, you find one of friends missing and you must try to find him.

While far from Grand Illusion, the narrative is a solid step away from the original Final Fantasy which only flirted with the notion of having a A

Score: 4/5

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