Snackbar Speculator: Back to the Future

December 6, 2009

We’ve finally got some results on some of the rumors we’ve posted in previous editions, so before getting to this week’s rumors we’ll give you a rundown of the results along with our hits or misses.  Since this is the first time we’ve had confirmations, here’s how we keep score:

True: Guess – 50

False: 50 – Guess

Sticking your neck out with a 5% or 95% score is risky, as is should be.  50% is lame.

Cross-game chat to be present in next PS3 Firmware update

Well, next update came out, and it didn’t show any sign of having cross-game chat.

Andrew Passafiume 95% = -45

Graham Russell 70% = -20

Shawn Vermette 65% = -15

Facebook integration to be present in next PS3 Firmware update

This rumor turned out to be true, as the same update that did not have cross-game chat had Facebook in it.

Andrew 85% = +35

Graham 60% = +10

Shawn 95% = +45

Phoenix Wright coming to the Wii

This was decided almost as soon as we posted it, as Capcom has confirmed that ports of all three Phoenix Wright games are coming to WiiWare early next year.

Andrew 25% = -25

Graham 60% = +10

Shawn 25% = -25

Current standings:

Shawn: 5  

Graham: 0

Andrew: -35    

Now, on to the rumors.


Scribblenauts 2 drawing on Wii, DS, and PC

Scribblenauts was a small indie title going into E3 and a media phenomenon coming out. Now there are rumors that Scribblenauts 2 is in production. Not only that, but it is rumored that Scribblenauts 2 will be coming to the Wii and PC in addition to the DS this time around.

Andrew: This seems like it is inevitable. Knowing how successful the original title was, despite its shortcomings, is a clear sign that people loved the concept and want to see it go even farther. I think this title, like a lot of DS to Wii games, is a very easy transition. A PC version seems unlikely, but it could work just as well as a Wii version, so I can’t see why not. 75%

Graham: The main shortcoming in Scribblenauts was the controls.  The Wii and PC both offer the potential for a more suitable scheme, and yes Shawn, people buy PC games.  Especially quirky stuff.  I’m hoping for a Steam release.  Regardless, a sequel is what 5th Cell needs to fix the issues with the original, and I’d love to see some multiplayer of some sort. 65%

Shawn: The only thing about this rumor that sounds iffy to me is the PC edition. 5th Cell has already said they want to make games for systems other than the DS, and Drawn to Life 2 was made for the DS and Wii. A PC edition would work, but I’m not sure that enough people purchase PC games anymore for it to be worthwhile anymore. 90%




WiiHD coming in 2010

Nintendo is being frank about the relatively slow sales of the Wii this year, with Iwata saying the Wii had “stalled”. There have been rumors of a “WiiHD” for awhile now, but with it being publicly acknowledged that they aren’t happy with the performance of the Wii, it is now being rumored that the “WiiHD” is closer than many would think…next year, in fact. Is it possible that this rumor will finally get answered one way or another?

Andrew: This is one rumor I am completely on the fence about. On one hand, the market for the WiiHD might not even be there. The people who actually care about it seem to only make up one small part of the Wii’s entire audience. But on the other hand, it could become an even bigger success than the original Wii if marketed correctly. I’m still completely unsure, and Nintendo is a company that continues to surprise us (for better or for worse). 50%

Graham: I can’t see there being a WiiHD.  At all, really.  Yes, Nintendo will have a followup console sooner or later, and it’s possible they’ll keep the framework for backwards compatibility.  But releasing a HD system with no other upgrades would just confuse the market of casual gamers they created and rode back to the top of the industry on.  Also, the whole WiiHD concept is one of those Pachter-isms, and…I just don’t know why he’s become this authority. 5%

Shawn: I fully believe Nintendo will release a “WiiHD” at some point in the near future. I just don’t believe it will happen next year. Nintendo has enough first-party games coming out next year to support the Wii for one more year, but after that I just can’t see how Nintendo can keep the Wii afloat after that unless the third parties finally figure out how to make good games for it. 25%




Logitech to offer UMD accessory for PSP Go

The PSP Go has had many detractors since it was announced that Sony would not offer any kind of conversion program for owners of UMD games who bought a PSP Go. However, one company may be taking advantage of this lack of conversion. Rumor has it Logitech is working on an accessory for the PSP Go that would enable the PSP Go to play UMD games. Given the furor over the lack of a UMD drive in the Go, it seems there would indeed be a market for such a device, but is it really being produced?

Andrew: This has to be the dumbest idea a company could have ever thought of. I think a lot of people who bought a PSP Go knew what to expect, they knew they could not play their old UMD games on it. Even if they didn’t, I’m sure the entire point of it was complete portability. To have all of your games, music, movies, all right there in the palm of your hand and hassle free. To release a bulky attachable UMD device not only ruins the purpose, but could also just make you want to go back to the original PSP. 10%

Graham: Is it a dumb idea?  Yes.  Do I think someone would still make it?  Absolutely.  Is it Logitech?  I doubt it.  For one thing, they’ve never been one for niche products…they’re an accessory titan and they cater to the mass audience.  Also, well, they put out a statement saying, and I quote, “This is not something that our company is working on.” 5%

Shawn: Unlike Andrew, I actually think this idea has some merit. Logitech makes more, and better, accessories than even the first party companies do. I wouldn’t be surprised if Logitech has perceived a need that Sony refuses to even admit exists. Most PSP Go owners probably realize that the PSP Go won’t play UMDs, but at the same time, not having the ability to buy them greatly increases the amount of money they have to spend to buy games digitally. My hesitation for this rumor is whether or not enough people even bought the PSP Go for Logitech to bother making this accessory. 60%