Snackbar Speculator: Remake Raiders 3DS

July 11, 2010

Even after E3 ended, rumors are still being confirmed, as we’ve got yet another confirmation this week.

Current score

Andrew Passafiume: +270

Graham Russell: +174

Eric Schabel: +70

Shawn Vermette: +245



Hulu to join Xbox 360’s multimedia offerings

Shortly after E3, Hulu announced that their Hulu Plus service would be available on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the former sometime this year and the latter in 2011.

Andrew 90% = +40

Eric 50% = 0

Graham 80% = +30

Shawn 90% = +40


NBA Jam remake coming to Xbox 360 and PS3

The German software ratings board let the cat out of the bag late last year when Phoenix Wright was being scheduled for release on the Wii. Now, the German ratings board might have done so again, this time for what is thought to be a Wii-exclusive game. A rating appeared on their website for NBA Jam, which was recently announced at Nintendo’s press conference as a Wii-exclusive game. Has EA changed their mind and decided to make it multiplatform? Or is this merely another game rating that will never actually be used?

Andrew: It seems likely that this NBA Jam remake would make its way to the other consoles in some form or another, whether it is as a full retail game or as a XBLA/PSN release sometime in the future. I think it’s certainly possible, but I would have to guess that the probability of that happening is relative to how well it sells on the Wii. 50%

Graham: Ever? I think so, though I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a while after the Wii release. For one thing, they’re making full retail money on Wii, and they would probably do an XBLA/PSN release on other consoles. Here’s what makes me hesitant, though: whenever EA talks about it, they mention that NBA Elite is being released on the other two, and Jam started life as “NBA Bounce,” a Wii alternative game. They’re getting pressure for it now, though, and I could see that being the project the team takes on once the Wii version goes gold. Shawn, I certainly don’t think it’ll be a port of the original. Adding new rosters to that game (as they don’t have rights to the old ones) would be as tough as putting the new one on those systems.   60%

Eric: I’m pretty sure this one will be coming true; it just makes too much sense. The word “exclusive” is used pretty liberally at E3 press conferences these days, and I don’t see why EA wouldn’t try to get as much money as they can from this title. Sure, the Wii is a great platform for a new NBA Jam, but so are the other two consoles. 80%

Shawn: I’m not sure if this is going to be the same game, or if this is the original NBA Jam being ported to XBLA/PSN. However, I think I’m leaning toward this showing the new NBA Jam will be on multiple systems. EA has soured on Wii exclusive games lately, so I think making it multiplatform only makes sense. 80%

Next Tomb Raider game coming in 2011

During Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade, a new Tomb Raider game will be released sans the Tomb Raider moniker. However, rumor has it that it will not be gone forever. Crystal Dynamics is said to already be hard at work on the next full-sized entry in the Tomb Raider series, and that it will be released in 2011.

Andrew: The new Lara Croft downloadable game being released in August could definitely help start a new direction for the Tomb Raider series, even if it is just story based. I definitely could see a return of the series in a big way for all of the current gen consoles, and with some much needed improvements. 70%

Graham: If you notice, they haven’t once called Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light a Tomb Raider game. It’s a spinoff (and a cool one from the time I spent with it), but there’s no way there isn’t a main series game in development. My hesitation: it may not be out until 2012. 80%

Eric: I haven’t really kept up with the Tomb Raider franchise, but the last game was well-received, and I don’t see why they couldn’t pump out another one before next year is through. They’ve already got the engine in place, after all. 80%

Shawn: It makes sense for Square Enix to push for a new entry in the series in 2011, to showcase the direction they want to take the series. As for whether it would actually come out in 2011, I can’t say for sure. 75%


3DS release date and price to be announced by TGS

Nintendo made a huge splash at E3 with their 3DS, but they left everyone clueless about the release date or pricing of the handheld. Release date rumors range from September of this year all the way through June of next year, while pricing rumors are equally uncertain. However, it is now thought that Nintendo plans to unveil their pricing and launch plans at the Tokyo Game Show in September. Will they actually do so? More important though is our desire to get our hands on it yet again during the TGS.

Andrew: We might not find out about a U.S. release date or price at TGS, but we’ll definitely hear something about the Japanese release. The problem is, Nintendo never attends TGS, so it is very doubtful they will actually use TGS as a way to announce the date. But they could announce it at the same time during an event of their own. I’m going to say no to it being at TGS, but I think we will see it announced around the same time. 10%

Graham:  The key here is “by TGS.” I don’t think they’ll announce at the Tokyo Game Show, but I do think they’ll clarify the release date by September. After all, they’ll have to if they’re releasing it this year. If we don’t hear by then, we know it’s far off…so they might as well confirm that too. I don’t know if we’ll know all the specifics we want by then, though. 85% 

Eric: I’m not sure about this one. We all know too well that Nintendo does things at its own pace. TGS would seem like a great place to announce release date and price information for the new handheld, but I would not be surprised if Nintendo saved that news for a press conference of its own at a different time. It’s certainly possible that we will learn new things at TGS, but I don’t necessarily feel that it is likely. 55%

Shawn: I think if there is any chance of the 3DS coming out in 2010, this rumor would have to be true. If not, I think we can safely say that the 3DS will be coming out in 2011 instead. 90%