Snackbar Speculator: The future is later

January 17, 2011

This week we cover the new generation of handhelds again and discuss EA’s newest shooter.

Current score

Gerry Pagan: 0

Andrew Passafiume: +310

Graham Russell: +319

Eric Schabel: +60

Shawn Vermette: +235



Wii to outsell Xbox 360 and PS3 again this holiday season

This was a very close race, as the Xbox 360 nearly edged out the Wii in US sales this holiday season. In the end though, the Wii outsold it by a mere 200,000 systems.

Andrew 65% = +15

Graham 70% = +20

Shawn 80% = +30


EA to announce Medal of Honor 2 by E3

Recent job listings on EA’s website seem to be pointing to the existence of an unnamed ‘AAA’ FPS of some kind. Considering the success of the Medal of Honor reboot, it would seem likely EA would want to follow it up with a sequel. But would EA follow it up this quickly with an announcement? Or is this unannounced game a different or entirely new franchise?

Gerry: While I wouldn’t be surprised by something like a Medal of Honor spin-off title, I don’t quite it’s yet time for something like a full-fledged sequel. EA already has a few successful shooter IPs, so it also wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine them trying to craft another successful series a la Battlefield, Crysis or the upcoming Bulletstorm. 25%

Andrew: Medal of Honor did decent business for EA, although I don’t think it met sales expectations. I wouldn’t be surprised if they take some time off from the franchise to try something new, but EA has been burned in the past by new IPs. I think it’s more likely we’ll see something other than Medal of Honor, but at the same time EA still wants something big to compete with the juggernaut that is Call of Duty. Either way, whatever it is, I’m not entirely sure we’ll see it by E3. 45%

Graham: Medal of Honor was a blemish on the record of the recently-revitalized EA brand, as critics ravaged it and sales didn’t rival that of its competition. The company has a lot going for this year, and I think they can afford to let it sit and come back to it later. After all, they can only rebuild so many franchises at once.  20%

Shawn: Considering EA’s recent desires to take risks on new IPs and the sheer number of FPS franchises they control, I just can’t see any way to guarantee that this one is a Medal of Honor game. I think we’ll probably see this title at E3… but is it Medal of Honor? The odds are against it. 40%


American 3DS launch lineup to include at least 10 games

Launch lineups are never very strong, but Nintendo seems to usually have somewhat strong lineups, with Mario or Link headlining a number of them. With the Japanese launch lineup looking somewhat weak with just 8 retail games, and with the DS still going strong in the US, will Nintendo provide a more robust launch lineup here?

Gerry: I do want to believe in this since it’d actually give me a bigger reason to nab a 3DS at launch. If you go by most console release launch titles, the US usually has a bigger number of launch titles than Japan, the one major exception being the DS’s launch. I’m honestly torn, so I’m gonna put down my vote for an even chance of it happening. 50%

Andrew: I think this is a strong possibility, but at the same time the 3DS doesn’t launch that much longer after its Japan release. I don’t think what doesn’t come here from Japan at first will be replaced by another title released here first, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we only see eight games as well. We won’t know more until Nintendo’s upcoming event, but it could go either way pretty easily. 50%

Graham: I think it will be almost exactly ten. With the month or so we’ll wait, the mothership should be able to prep another title to pair with its Japan offering, Nintendogs+Cats. That game’s simply not a system-seller like it is across the Pacific. We’ll get the bulk of the Japanese lineup (5 or 6), an extra first-party game and a token title from Ubi, THQ, WB and EA to round things out. I don’t expect more even though it’s possible, since Nintendo has expressed a desire to pace themselves and keep a steady release flow for the system. 65%

Shawn: I think there’s a strong chance of there being a larger launch lineup here than in Japan. For one, the 3DS will sell like the DSs over there even with no games on it for launch, but in the US I believe it will be harder to gain a foothold with no or few games on it. I think Nintendo probably realizes this as well. 60%

Sony to reveal ‘PSP2’ by E3

Sony has steadfastly refused any comment on the myriad rumors swirling over their supposed next-gen handheld devices. However, recent rumors seem to indicate that may soon change. Rumor has it that Sony will unveil the ‘PSP2’ at a business meeting later this month. If that fails, they have to present something at E3 this year… don’t they?

Gerry: I stand by my comments on the last Speculator. Is it going to be revealed this year? Probably. Is it going to be revealed by E3? Why not. There’s more than enough time to show it off and from the rumors going around coming from Sony itself, it sounds like it’ll be sooner rather than later. 80%

Andrew: I feel like we’ve covered this one before. I think the PSP2 is pretty much a given at this point. There’s really nothing else that Sony has for E3 (that we know of) besides showing off some of their big exclusives and a bigger push for 3D. The PSP2 would be the perfect thing to announce at E3, if not sooner. I think at this point it’s only a matter of time. 95%

Graham: We may not know many details before E3 itself, but I have confidence that, if the PSP2 is coming this year, Sony wants people to know it before the 3DS’ presumed March release. It won’t steal the device’s thunder in all likelihood, but it should keep Sony loyalists from drifting astray. (I’m assuming they’re waiting until after the 3DS announcement to position release and pricing based on what’s revealed.)  90%

Shawn: I find it fairly likely that they’ll reveal it during their business meeting later this month. If they don’t, I’m almost certain that it’ll be revealed at E3. They’ve really got nothing else to reveal, and they need a good E3 for once. 95%