The Week In Review: July 15-20

July 21, 2007

Even though E3 has just concluded, for which you can read our detailed wrap up here, the gaming industry just won’t stop pumping out delicious pieces of information. So, what happened this past week?

Capcom, who didn’t have a very strong showing at E3 this year, have released a ton of news about Resident Evil 5. The story will revolve around Chris Redfield, who is now part of a group called the BSAA, and will take place 10 years after the events of the Spencer mansion. Fans have wanted to slaughter zombies in a true Resident Evil sequel, but it seems they may be disappointed yet again as the enemies Chris will be fighting will not be zombies. One of the more interesting features of RE5 will be the environment, and more particularly the lighting effects. Just like in real life, if you go from a dark place into the broad daylight, it will take time to adjust (and vice versa). Still not satisfied? Check out this slideshow of screens. Most of them are ingame too.

Rumors of a DS version of Halo have always been in circulation. Two top guys in Bungie, Rian Gerard and Frank O’Connor have finally come out (no, not in that sense), and revealed the truth about Halo DS. Though it would be possible to make the game, Microsoft would allow it, the folks at Bungie simply feel that the DS is just not the right platform for a Halo game. Oh well…

Will there be a new Sixaxis? On Yahoo’s Star Wars: Force Unleashed site, a picture of a new type of PS3 controller was shown. Sony did not deny or confirm that it will be a redesigned Sixaxis. Here’s the pic:

Rockstar has announced their plans to extend and re-release Bully. Rockstar’s controvertial game will be re-released on the Wii and Xbox 360 as Bully: Scholarship Edition. The game will contain the PS2 version of the game with some added content. Could this re-release be a way to make up the possible losses from Manhunt 2?

In other industry news, Peter Moore has left Microsoft and headed to Northern California citing “personal reasons” as his motivation for departure. Shortly after the intial release, it was announced that Moore will start fresh as the president of EA Sports. Who will be replacing Moore? Strangely enough, ex-EA president, Don Mattrick will. Most probably as a result of Moore’s departure, there will not be an X07. The X0 conventions were gaming related conventions (what a surprsise!), held for the European audiences. Instead, a smaller convention will be held in the UK, which will target audiences there, instead of the whole European market.

THQ joined the line of developers releasing games on Valve’s Steam network, following Eidos. The games that are already available via the PC based delivery system are Company of Heroes, Titan Quest along with it’s expansion, and Full Spectrum Warrior. Games such as Supreme Commander, STALKER and Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War.

That’s all for this week. If there was something we didn’t report, well, it probably wasn’t worth reporting anyways. See you same time, same place in one week!