The Week In Review: June 30-July 6

July 9, 2007

This week was certainly hectic in the world of video gaming. With the E3 on our doorsteps, many companies revealed new things to keep us occupied, while the really important news, at least we hope, will make itself known during the annual show. So what did happen this week?

First of all, the camera for the Nintendo DS has been revealed. The device will be inserted into the handheld’s GBA slot. For the sake of convenience, the device will be mounted, and the first title to be confirmed for the new device is a game called Face Training. Essentailly, the game, such as it is, will illustrate various silly faces on the screen, which the player will then try to mimic in real life. Let’s just hope that in future games, the camera will be used in more intelligent applications.

Moving on, it appears that force feedback technology may finally be making its way to the PlayStation 3. With the fiasco between Immersion and Sony settled, talks have started about re-integrating the essential technology into the PS3 through a feature called A