Week in Review – 06/02/03

June 9, 2003

Was it me or was this one long week? I swear it took forever to get through it all, more then likely because we were all anticipating the Halo LAN party SB was having on Sunday. The Paladin, EB, and Snackbar crews hooked up for some Halo action with about 14 people showing up. Pizza, beer, chips, and cursing were the fashion of the day as we gamed our asses off. Let it be known that playing with only rocket launchers on in a level designed for only a few people is chaos. I mean utter chaos. A good time was had by all, and our team proved that a whole lot of Snackbar is a good thing. Props to everyone that made it out for the event, especially Wraith for hosting it.

More planning is going on here as we get ready for the Austin Gaming Expo, which of course your favorite web company will be having a booth. We got shirts being made and some other fresh gadgets as well.

Sega let a few lucky folk in Japan test drive a trial of Phantasy Star Online 3. This way they can test to see if the severs are working all good. Good news, you get to play it before everyone else. Bad news, you can’t load your characters to the real game when it comes out. Suckers.

All you moders out there have a chance to win some big bucks for developing the best mod for UR 2003. By big bucks I mean about a million. So if your interested go here

Resident Evil: Apocalypse is in development. The sequel movie to the first Resident Evil will star Millia (time) Jovovich again as Alice. Although Jill Valentine will make her first appearance and negotiations are in place to land Famke Jensen (Jean Grey in X2) to play the sexy Valentine.

Seeing as how we are on the topic of hot chicks still, Lara Croft will be coming back at the end of this month. It seems that Edios finally came up with a release date for Angel of Darkness. Lara will come out for the consoles on the 20th to coincide with the movie Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life which releases on the 25th of this month of course. Did I mention Angelina is hot?

This is the part where I run out of news to post. You see here at Snackbar Cone is the news guy really. I land the Week in Review this week and now I’m stuck. I’m going to play some Neverwinter Nights. Ill be right back to finish the article or when I find some more news.

*leaves and plays NWN for a couple of hours*

*returns to keyboard*

In other news the CEO of Acclaim for the last 16 years has stepped down. Gregory Fischbach has said goodbye and Rod Cousens former COO, says thanks for the raise as he assumes position as top dog at Acclaim. Lets hope his first executive decision is to never ever make another game like BMX XXX.

That’s about all for this week folks. Pretzel will be in the hot seat next week to bring you some interesting tidbits of information in the Week in Review. Thanks for reading, and I rule at Halo.