Week in Review – 06/09/03

June 17, 2003

Greetings to all! I know you all have
impatiently awaited the Week in Review and get the skinny on all
sorts of fresh stuff. First let me give you the low down with my
quick visit to San Antonio. Soda, Pickle and I sat around and watched
the AniMatrix, and I chilled with Cone and Dots for a bit
and that was it. The Gaming Expo is drawing near and we here at
Snackbar are formulating a plan for the Expo that will rock everyone’s
world. Make sure you guys get ready for the Expo and check us out
in Austin on July 26th.

In the PC world EA has released the next update for Battlefield
. The 1.4 patch will include a map editing tool, some game
play enhancements, new weapons, improved effects and also fixes
some bugs. Mindscape announced its new FPS entitled Painkiller.
This FPS look similar to Quake with an apocalyptic setting
with demons and all kinds of mayhem, Painkiller is due out in October
of this year so check it out.

UbiSoft announced Pirates of the Caribbean (POC) for the
PC as well as the Xbox. POC will be an RPG, which will not follow
the plot of the movie. The movie is scheduled for release this summer
and stars Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Geoffrey Rush. The game
will be released for Xbox and PC this August. The anticipated Tron
, yes it follows the premise from the original Disney movie,
will be released this August. The game will be an FPS and visually
it looks pretty amazing.

In console gaming news, UbiSoft announced Tom Clancy’s Rainbow
Six 3
for the Xbox, which will be released sometime in the autumn
of 2003. Rainbow Six 3 will be featuring 14 new single-player missions,
nine new multiplayer maps, available over Xbox Live and more than
30 weapons. A new preview for Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
has been released. The preview reminds me of the movie Pearl Harbor,
but this preview looks 100 times better with a lot more action going
on. Check it out here!

Take Two announced its PC gangster hit, Mafia, will be making
its way onto the PS2 and the Xbox during the third quarter of 2003.
The PC favorite will be enhanced to provide a more action driven
console experience. ID software has released its first downloadable
map for through Xbox live for its newly released hit Return to
Castle Wolfenstein
. The new content will hold a new map and
a winner take all match play. Seems that the beach has taken a liking
to game developers. Developing company Dreamcatcher has decided
to develop Ultimate Beach Soccer (UBS) for the GBA. The game
will feature pro soccer players from 32 national teams. UBS will
also contain authentic world stars, laser shows, hot chicks and
DJ’s. UBS is also being considered for release on the Xbox and PC.

In other news Devil May Cry (DMC) makers Capcom announced
that it is optioning DMC for a 40 million dollar film. No actors,

or directors have been decided yet, the filmmakers are still in
the meeting stages. Well that should do it for the Week in Review.
Make sure you guys check back with us next week for the skinny in
gaming news. Peace out!!!