Week in Review – 07/07/03

July 14, 2003

Bienvenidos to all you Snackbarians, the spinning bottle pointed in my direction this week. So don’t fret I am here to give you the skinny on whats been happening in the gaming world. Before we hit all the juicy stuff, let me just tell you that the staff here at Snackbar are gearing up for an exciting time. Were about two weeks away from AGE, the staff here has formulated a few ideas for the event so make sure you guys check it out. Also the guys have been working really hard with the site and some improvements so stay tuned for that as well. As for me, I am mixing up some ingredients for my very own feature, so you faithful readers make sure you look for that in the near future. For you peeps that are around the SA area make sure you continue to check out the forums, Cone and Wraith are always spearheading some really kick ass LAN parties so keep looking for the updates.

In PC news, Microsoft announced an expansion pack for the fantasy RPG, Dungeon Siege, the expansion pack will not be released until late this year. Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna will have all new characters, maps, campaigns, spells, weapons, and some other really cool additions. As you already know, Vivendi has announced the prequel to No One Lives Forever 2, which will be titled Contract J.A.C.K. The prequel will include an all new storyline and experience, but it should not disappoint NOLF lovers. The game will include online gameplay, new weapons, vehicles and all kinds of other cool stuff.

The official release date has not been announced yet but it should be released in late 2003. With so much other news this one really stands out for me, Rockstar has announced the sequel to Max Payne, Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. To check out some news and updates check it out here. The official release will be sometime this autumn. EA has released a downloadable map for Battlefield 1942 entitled the Battle of Britain. With new weapons and massive aerial fighting this should be a rockin map. To download it go here. Along those lines, EA has announced Battlefield Vietnam. Its obvious that EA will be using the same engine from BF 1942 for BF Vietnam, but with a different storyline and time. The hype has been much for this awaited title, so keep looking for that in the future.

In console news, Xbox Live has released another new map for Return to Castle Wolfenstien: Tides of War. Activision and id Software will release the final map later this summer. With the final episode in the trilogy due out this November, EA is excited to release the anticipated title Lord of The Rings: Return of the King. EA has stated that it will be a lot more action packed with better visual graphics, and co-op game play. EA has said they have out done themselves from their previous title A