Week in Review – 07/28/03

August 5, 2003

Good week in the industry as well as for Snackbar. As some of you know we went to the Austin Gaming Expo last week and we were able to see first hand the results of the show for our site. We have had about 25 new registered members to our forums, and were mentioned on both Slash dot as well as Gone Gold. The Snackbar name is getting out to the masses and the response is very positive. Funny thing is that Soda, Cone and I just wanted to do something with our free time so we started Snackbar up. It’s kind of exploded now with us reaching 7500 unique visits last month. Also we started a new section in our forums for forum articles. Every person on our forums can now write for the site at any time. We will pick some of the best to feature on our actual site. We are waiting for this to pick up so I posted two forum articles in there. I would encourage everyone to try it out.

While we mentioned it earlier in our news Knights of the Old Republic is the best selling title of the year. This game is everything it was hyped to be and more. It just goes to show how awesome Bioware is. During the first two weeks the game sold more then 270,000 units. Needless to say Xbox reps are marking out as we speak.

For you sports fans the incomparable Madden series was honored this week. The latest version of A