Week in Review – 08/04/03

August 11, 2003

Great big shout out to all you Snackbarians out there in the gaming land. I’m Pretzel and I will be guiding you through the WIR. Before I can give you a rewind on last weeks haps, let me give you quick spill on the drama around here. I have been super busy in trying to transition out of the department that I am currently working for and into another department at my job. Yes folks its true, Pretzel does have a job regardless of what you have heard from Soda and Pickle. You ask why I am telling you this. Well for the simple fact that I am really backed up with gaming at my pad. I mean, I have like three new PC games, one new PS2 game, and two new Xbox games that I have not gotten to yet. Its really frustrating folks not to be able to dedicate your time to gaming. Last week in midst of all the drama, I was able to stop by the EB Games here in Houston and buy Ghost Recon: Island Thunder. So far I have liked it a bit more than the last one. I will hopefully game on it a lot more so I can get a review out for you folks. To add to the horra, I have been harassed from some friends of mine here about getting Counter-Strike for the longest time. So finally I did. First off, if you know me, then you know that FPS is my favorite genre in the gaming world. I was promised that this game would be the most dominated FPS of all. It wasn’t! Not only did the graphics blow, but the game was giving me massive problems on my comp. It was big disappointment for me. Needless to say I returned it and got No One Lives Forever 2. Now that’s a fun FPS, I have not given it enough playing time, but the time I have spent on it has really impressed me a ton. That says a lot to me cause I still think the best FPS of all time is Halo. That’s enough about me, let me get to the news.

To start the week off Vivendi announced that it has signed a deal with graphics developer NDL to use their 3D graphics technology. The 3D graphics has already been used in several games such as Morrowind, Freedom Force and about 60 other Vivendi titles.
“LucasArts'” announced it will give those who pre-order Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike, a bonus disc. The bonus disc will have tons of features, surprises, demos, and other cool stuff. The game will be released sometime next month, so expect it to be on the shelves for pre-order soon.

EA Games announced the release of A