Week in Review – 09/01/03

September 8, 2003

It’s time to get jiggy folks. You know me, Mad Wanksta Pretzel giving you beautiful people out there in the gaming world a rewind of last week. On a more personal note, I just want to express to all you Snackbarians out there how much you guys rule. Without you guys we would be nothing! The great thing about this week was that alot of great things happened to me gaming wise. And I also have a bone to pick with other online gaming sites. Before I can get to that juicy stuff let me go ahead and get the obvious boring news out of the way.

The obvious news is that “Rockstar” is releasing GTA 3 and GTA Vice City in a double pack for the Xbox this autumn. Personally I think Xbox should have said the hell with GTA. So anyways, for you GTA lovers make sure you reserve your copies of that. Please folks don’t get to excited.I mean don’t all run to the stores now and reserve your copies.

The hype is building as Halo PC’s release date gets closer. I have been reading nothing but Halo PC stuff lately. At first I was a little hesitant about getting it. Mind you I’m the biggest Halo fan out there. But only on Xbox. But since I have just converted to being a PC gamer, I am now rethinking my past decisions. I’m sure the hype will continue to build as the end of the month draws near. All I have to say is, massive LANING!!

Oh yeah baby, new screens are up for “Medal of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough”. Again, I have to say that I am one insane die hard MOH fan. The series are freaking awesome. I am actually very excited to see them adding more expansions to the series before jumping to the Pacific side of the series. Speaking of which I will be all over that series when it’s released. I swear if you were to look at my library of games for my systems, all you could find is WWII FPS or just FPS.

Ok folks, I know most of you hit it hard when the week starts. You know, work, school all that stuff that you have to do. Then when that stuff is done you want to get your gaming on. Or if your like me you want to find out what is going on in the gaming world 24/7. Well for the longest time I have been pissed off at the online gaming news industry, for always shutting down at five O’clock on Friday. I mean, I don’t know about you but the weekend is the best time when I get some great gaming time in. So I surf the web during the weekend to see what’s hot, and also to see some fresh news updates. Well much to Pretzel’s dismay, it will not be updated until Monday morning. I mean come on people, the gaming world does not sleep. It should run constantly 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Is that to much to ask for? We here at Snackbar will not let you down if you want some fresh gaming jazz 24/7.

TO DA HOUSE BABY!! That’s where I took my copy of Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII last Thursday. I was so pumped to take it home and play it until 3 in the morning. WOW!! All I have to say is mobile spawning point. There is nothing better than to be spawning over enemy territory and parachuting to kill some Nazi’s. Make sure you guys stop buy and get your copy. Pickle and I should have a review up pretty soon. I’m still working on beating Ghost Recon: Island Thunder so I can get a review up on that. But this game is taking up to much of my time.

On Friday “Electrocity” ope
ned up for it’s beta testing of its game center here in Houston. I am proud to say that my good friend Fernando Maldonado is the owner of the LAN center. The place houses 25 PC’s with an Xbox station to get some HALO action in. It also carries a screaming fast T1 line to get the best quality of gaming in. You can also choose a variety of games such as Unreal Tournament, Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six, Medal of Honor, plus alot more. I am already spending mad cash gaming there, so expect me to be daily with bells on. The place looks great, and its just a great atmosphere to be in. They will be having a huge lock in about three weeks from now. And yes, yours truly will be there. Make sure you guys stop by if your in the area, and tell them that Snackbar sent ya.

Well my fellow Snackbarians, stay tuned for more action packed WIR’s in the near future. I know Pickle has some great things to tell you peeps. I mean he always has something to say. I’m OUT!!