Week in Review – 09/15/03

September 22, 2003

Welcome back to another edition of… The Week In Review! DUM DUM DUM. Admit it, you thought that was funny. Alright, maybe it wasn’t. Whatever, I am the writer here and I thought it was funny. Before I run off too many people with my terrible jokes I do have some actual news for you.

I want to tee off this week with something that just cracks me up. People will always rip on the top players in every industry and walk of life. Gaming sites are no exception. It doesn’t help when they reaffirm what people say about them though. Case in point… Gamespot posted a review for Savage, a 5.4. S2 Games alleges that the reviewer only spent a measly few hours playing the game before he gave it a mediocre score. Gamespot then pulls the review to have it re-evaluated. This is something I could see happening with a site of our size as we don’t do this for a living, but if you get a paycheck to review games for a website you damned well better log more than 2 or so hours playing that game before you slam it in front of millions of readers. Sad…just sad. Way to go Gamespot!

I mentioned this week that Wraith was promising good things from Max Payne 2. HomeLanFed has a nice interview up with Remedy’s lead game designer Petri JA