Week in Review – 09/29/03

October 6, 2003

My fellow Snackbarians, I have good news and I have bad news. I’m sure you want to go ahead and hear the bad news first. So here we go. The bad news is the most obvious… its Monday! The good news is… it’s time for me to give you a quick rewind of last week’s drama in the gaming world. I know what you’re thinking, but before you start jumping to any conclusions, let me just tell you that this week will go by super fast. Trust me! I got two words for ya! HALO PC! Yeah, that’s right! Once you get Halo PC there is no turning back. I mean I have been logging more time into this game than I have for MOH or BF 1942 combined. I have been playing non-stop online and getting the word out about our site. Getting the word out? Yeah, everytime I come in the top four after every game, I throw a little “CHECK OUT SNACKBAR-GAMES.COM” on the chat screen. And trust me, when I’m playing I am always in the top four.

So let’s get the obvious out of the way; Halo PC was released this past Wednesday, and apparently has been doing really well in sales nation wide. After much anticipation, the game was released with online multiplayer capabilities, new maps, new vehicles and new weapons. The mass carnage of CTF and SLAYER have taken over online play like freaking crazy. Make sure you folks stop by your local EB Games to get your copy of Halo PC.

In other news, mass chaos hit Valve when a source code for the popular upcoming game Half Life 2 was leaked and posted all over the net. It seems that this problem will affect the original release date of Half Life 2 to be pushed to later this year.

Vivendi has announced they have completed development of their upcoming title Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death. The game should hit store shelves later this month.

Sometime this week in Tokyo, Sony will unveil the PSX. The PSX is Sony’s first attempt at a media hub featuring DVD burning, TiVo style show recording, as well as the ability to play PS2 games. Its release is planned for Japan in 2004. No word yet on an American release of the product.

It seems that Nintendo posted its first loss last week. Nintendo blames the loss in profit because of poor sales from the Gamecube. Hopefully the recent price cut of the Gamecube will stimulate a rise in sales.

Apparently ATI has been having better luck than Nintendo lately, announcing earnings of 23 million dollars in revenue for the quarter. Nintendo’s next console as well as Xbox 2 will house ATI graphics chipsets, in addition to ATI being the preferred chip for Half Life 2.

Ubi Soft released a multiplayer demo for its upcoming cell-shaded FPS “XIII”. The multiplayer demo was released for download for the PC, but has not been released for other consoles. Let’s hope they release a playable demo for the Xbox!

In SB News, Cone and Dots finally finished Voodoo Vince and are now getting started on Evil Dead. So expect a review on Evil Dead in the near future. Freaking Ash is intense!! My homeboy Pickle has said a farewell to one of the NWN servers, I’m sure he is going through some withdrawals. Pickle is also on a massive rampage with Final Fantasy so expect some reviews from him as well. As for me, I have been heavily engulfed with Halo PC and Freedom Fighters. I had my doubts about Freedom Fighters, but let me be the first one to tell you… IT’S FREAKING INTENSE!! Well Snackbarians, that’s it for me. I’m Pretzel and I’m out!