Cocoto Magic Circus

June 27, 2008

Cocoto is something of a mascot for Neko Entertainment. He races go-karts, he goes on platforming adventures, and in Magic Circus he goes on a target-shooting spree in order to save his fairy friend from an evil clown. The story serves as a device to get Cocoto to the circus where, in order to advance, he must beat shooting mini-game after shooting mini-game.

The package claims there are 40 mini-games included in Cocoto Magic Circus. In reality there is one minigame with numerous skins. Everything you do will be some variant of the old carnival standby, target shooting. Some challenges have you shooting living critters. Other challenges have you shooting at moving pictures of those living critters. Still others require the use of only one bullet or taking out a primary target with a secondary target behind it. Each mini-game also has balloons in it. Shoot the balloons and the screen shakes or turns upside-down.

Cocoto Magic Circus, in addition to bing the same mini-game over and over, is painfully short. Most players can complete the game on normal in about an hour. Multiplayer lengthens the experience a little bit, but if you’ve played Link’s Crossbow Training then there is no reason to pick up Cocoto Magic Circus.

If Cocoto Magic Circus is anything then it is straight-forward. There are no unlockables, no hidden game modes, and no originality. Point, shoot, lather, rinse, and repeat. Unless you’re really hurting for a Wii-remote powered shooting gallery pass on Cocoto Magic Circus.

Score: 2/5

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