Kororinpa: Marble Mania

April 24, 2007

Marble Madness. Marble Blast Ultra. Super Monkey Ball. There’s something satisfying about rolling a ball through a complicated 3D world toward a goal. Marble Mania captures this feeling extremely well even if it does start off a little too slowly for its own good. It’s obvious that Marble Mania‘s slow start is intended to allow the player to figure out the Wii controls, but the park levels – all ten of which feel like a tutorial – are too simple for their own good. It’s when the marbles are rolling about on candies and cakes in the second pack of stages that things really start to get interesting.

The concept is a simple one, but games like this are one of the things the Wii and its motion-centric controller were designed for. There are no button presses used during the core gameplay. Everybody can play because the controller explanation is a simple A

Score: 5/5

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