Burnout Revenge

May 3, 2006

[i]Burnout Revenge[/i] is the first game I have truly experienced in HD on the Xbox 360 and after sinking roughly 25 hours into this title on my Xbox the only way I can describe it is mind-blowing. I knew that the ushering in of a new generation would step up the graphical playing field, but I have never experienced it first hand like this.

[i]Burnout Revenge[/i] is the follow up title to the incredibly popular [i]Burnout: Takedown[/i]. [i]BR[/i] debuted on the Xbox and PS2 prior to going High Def on the X360. In addition to the jump in the graphics department there have been a few changes in the game that I would consider to be significant.

As expected, EA gave the games menu system a complete overhaul for the 360 release and it is a definite improvement over the layout for the other consoles. In addition to this fairly cosmetic tweak EA removed an aspect of the game that infuriated me during my time with the Xbox version. To begin a Crash Event on the Xbox version you had to use a vertical meter that you would start and stop in order to get a slow, fast, or super start. This was a nuisance and simply delayed the start of the event. I would also occasionally overheat the engine and have to start the event over again. I am thrilled that EA got rid of this ‘feature’. Another Crash Event related item that I appreciate on the new version is how quickly you can restart the event. In the original game the camera would zoom from the crash site back to the starting line. EA did away with this small waste of time and made it faster to restart those Crash Events that can be so tricky.

[i]Burnout Revenge[/i] is perfectly at home on the 360 in HD. The already beautiful scenery and cars make the transition nicely and become crystal clear. The soundtrack and audio effects are as good as they ever were.

Aside from the minor tweaks this is a repackage of the actual levels and gameplay that came out for the Xbox and company. That is to say it is a stellar game that belongs in everyone’s library. You can read my review of [i]Burnout Revenge[/i] for Xbox [url=http://www.snackbar-games.com/r221.html]here[/url].

Score: 5/5

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