July 8, 2008

Help the Roogoo save their world from the Meemoo in this souped up version of a toy every toddler has – jam the square peg in the square hole and the round peg in the round hole because no matter how hard you try they won’t fit anywhere else.

Like any good puzzle game, Roogoo is extremely simple in concept; take the shapes and put them in the similarly shaped holes. Sounds easy, right? It is – for the first few levels. Soon the number of shapes you use increases, and when you’ve mastered those enemies show up that can only be defeated by moving the pieces faster. As soon as Meemoos no longer pose a threat you’ll have butterflies that pick your shapes up and move them further up the stack to contend with. Later still you’ll have both colors and shapes to deal with, and as if that weren’t enough doors that block holes show up next. There’s plenty to do, but the mechanic always stays the same, which makes Roogoo one of those games that is extremely easy to learn but difficult to master.

Each level can be completed just by moving enough pieces to the bottom of the screen, but there are par times for the completionists to shoot for and bonus games for high score seekers to enjoy. Controls are simple. Only the two bumpers and the A and B buttons are used to rotate platforms, speed up blocks, and swap colors respectively. Roogoo does have one annoying problem, though. The camera is placed as such that your view is obstructed much of the time. A pure overhead view would be much preferred when it comes to rotating platforms beneath falling blocks.

Both local and Live multiplayer is offered, but the mode is simply a race to see which player can get all of his shapes to the bottom first. It’s better than nothing, but it won’t keep you coming back for more like score challenges and par times will. Roogoo is simple to learn, difficult to master, and it definitely scratches that simple and addicting puzzle itch. If you like puzzles, Roogoo is an easy game to throw into your rotation with Zuma and AstroPop.

Score: 3/5

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