January 11, 2008

When a deranged scientist takes the Alpha prototype time suit to change the world, you are left with seconds to chase after him with the Beta version. Landing in an alternate past where your world is controlled by his fascist regime, you must help the resistance turn the tide and track down the other suit to help heal the time rift. Armed with powers to slow, stop and reverse time you must fight your way past hordes of enemies and traps where no mere human could go.

For the majority of the game you get this feeling like the potential was lost to really take the game further and explore different opportunities. The story is no exception to this rule, as there is this really great setup which literally goes nowhere. Beyond the initial and closing scenes, reasons are barely given for going to a new zone and even at the end there is little to no new information about the protagonist, he just stays the A

Score: 3/5

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