Two Worlds

November 16, 2007

Aziraal, the god of war and leader of the Orcs, lays entombed, and the Relic is the key to opening his tomb. Only a member of your family is capable of performing the ritual. Your only other surviving relative, your sister, has refused to comply with the wishes of Reist, her captor, because the resurrection of Aziraal will lead to the holy crusade of the Orcs. Now, it is up to you to collect The Relic and save your sister. However, your destiny is ultimately your choice. In the end, only one of the Two Worlds will remain.

Reality Pump and Southpeak Games have just unleashed Two Worlds, an RPG with over 100 hours of single-player questing, two Xbox Live compatible game types, and support for up to eight players on Xbox Live. Quest with friends in online co-op, have team battles, or team monster hunts. Each game type allows you to create a unique character, enabling you to try different variants of character types and skills. Online matches are arena-based levels with boundaries in which you can play PvP (death match) or RPG modes. The solo player campaign offers a much bigger arena to roam with more quests and capabilities. Essentially, all of the online levels are pieced together like a puzzle, from the royal capital of Cathalon to the Northern townships of Tharbakin and Tarmalin, the Grom infested city of Gor Gommar, and the barren desert of Drak’ar.

The campaign’s quest involves finding and saving your sister, along with the opportunity to save or destroy the world. Along your way, you have a freedom of choice unseen in any other RPG. The non-linear story line creates a world around you which comes to life and reacts to every choice you make. Attack or rob a civilian, and expect consequences for your actions. Strike up a conversation with town’s people to obtain information to further your quest, or to receive new quests which you may choose to accept or reject, but beware of the decisions you heed for they will affect the outcome of the game. Completing quests gains you experience pointsA

Score: 4/5

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