ESPN NFL Football

September 22, 2003


Football season is here and I am geeked up for Sundays. Football is by far my favorite sport and I keep up with it religiously, especially the Cowboys. Of course when football season starts an onslaught of football games get released. Leading the bunch of course is EA’s juggernaut Madden, and following close second is Sega Sport’s own title. This year Sega Sports took a different approach and got an ESPN license. They decided since cant beat Madden in gameplay (and no they cant) they will out present them in only the way ESPN can.

Great run!

This game shines in its animations and graphics. The character models are realistic and equipment, character heads, turf, audience, everything is modeled beautifully. The player mechanics are captured so well watching replays looks as close to real life as I have seen a video game get. Fights for yardage, fan reactions, player reactions are all represented. The game itself has helmet less players on the sidelines reacting to the happenings on field. The game has featured mouth movements as well and I swear you can make out players saying, A