Fuzion Frenzy

May 10, 2004

[floatleft]http://www.snackbar-games.com/images/reviews/fuzionfrenzy/cover.jpg[/floatleft]I am fully aware that Fuzion Frenzy was a launch title for the Xbox and everyone under the sun has either seen or played FF, I just made it around to picking this game up. For the few of you out there that may be new to the Xbox, Fuzion Frenzy is a party game much like Kung Fu Chaos or Super Smash Bros. Instead of a four player fighting game, Fuzion Frenzy is centered around a whole slew of different minigames. To try and describe all of the different games would take an entire page.

Fuzion Frenzy has 4 different characters with unique traits. Each player selects one character and then you select one of the games from the vast list. While the game is loading you are given a short summary of the goals of this game as well as a summary of what buttons do what. Typically you only use A and B since most of the games are very simple.

[floatright]http://www.snackbar-games.com/images/reviews/fuzionfrenzy/ss05_thumb.jpg[/floatright]At the end of each game, points are awarded in order of rank and you select the next game. Not much fun? Yeah well, when you get some friends over it becomes a ton of fun. Party games typically don’t have a huge single player experience and I don’t think Fuzion Frenzy breaks that pattern, but it could be fun for some short gaming sessions in between chores by yourself. The addition of CPU controlled players to fill any remaining spots makes this possible.

Fuzion Frenzy may lack a solid single player experience, but in the land of party games where the moto is short, fast, and fun it packs a real punch. Fuzion Frenzy delivers a simple game experience with enough variety to satisfy even the pickiest gamer.

The tournament mode of Fuzion Frenzy randomly selects a set of games from the 45 available games. The tournaments can consist of 8, 12, or 24 games with every 4th game being the Fuzion Frenzy game where players are able to “bet” orbs based on the number of points they have at that point in the tournament. They then battle it out with the other players in an attempt to collect all their orbs and steal orbs away from the other players. While it may be less than thrilling to play 2 to 4 times in a tournament, it is definitely a good way to catch up in points if you seem to be trailing behind.

[floatleft]http://www.snackbar-games.com/images/reviews/fuzionfrenzy/ss12_thumb.jpg[/floatleft]Fuzion Frenzy is a Platinum Hit so it weighs in at a hefty $19.99, hardly a strain on the wallet. I wouldn’t say that Fuzion Frenzy is a must own, but if you frequently have guests over and need something to keep everyone busy for a while it is worth the bargain price. Don’t expect to play Fuzion Frenzy with any regularity, but it is definitely one of those games you want to have around just in case the mood of a party switches to fast paced mini game action.

Score: 5/5

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