Greg Hastings’ Tournament Paintball

December 8, 2004

[floatleft][/floatleft]Paintball has recently been added to the growing list of extreme sports. Its popularity is blowing up across the country, as it replaced snowboarding as the fastest growing sport. It is a game that can be enjoyed be everyone and played in so many different variations that it’s no wonder the sport of paintball would beckon its own video game. Activision has recognized the market for the new sport and answered by releasing [i]Greg Hastings’ Tournament Paintball[/i], a first-person shooter. This is not your regular FPS; you won’t be opening doors and clearing out enemies. What you get instead is a fast, fun, and heart-pounding simulation of the paintball world.

[heading]Tourney style[/heading]

The Snackbar crew has recently taken up the sport of paintball, and with our welts and bruises we have come to love every second of it. [i]Greg Hastings’ Tournament Paintball[/i] brings you into the game, sans our boy Pretz diving from bunker to bunker (which is damned fun to watch in its own right). Your games consist of multiple rounds, with each round not lasting very long at all. The tournaments are designed as elimination matches or capture the flag matches. Each game is regulated by pointsA