Need For Speed Most Wanted

February 26, 2006

The last [i]Need for Speed[/i] game that I enjoyed was [i]Hot Pursuit[/i]; God knows when that came out on the PC. Ever since, I barely touched the following games in the series ([i]Undergrounds[/i] and so on). I tried them, and they just reaffirmed my lack of interest in racers. Then [i]Burnout[/i] showed up, and I absolutely loved it. As I was getting back into the racing genre, I became more and more interested in the upcoming [i]Need for Speed[/i] game, so I decided to pick it up once again.

[i]Need for Speed: Most Wanted[/i] takes us back to the days of [i]Hot Pursuit[/i], leaves a bit from [i]Undergrounds[/i] and mixes in something new. What does this recipe equal? Why of course, success and awesomeness. How does it work?

The story isn’t (well, obviously) [i]Metal Gear[/i]. You are racing against a A

Score: 5/5

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